July 2, 2013
I cannot tell you how obsessed I have been with the Prada Sunnies that have been blasted all over the internet in the last few months. Since I am super clumsy with my sunglasses (scratching, misplacing and breaking are common problems), I never spend a large amount of money on them. I also saw a few photos of some amazing jeweled ones that screamed “Summertime!”.  With that being that, I decided it was DIY time! I got together with my girlies and hosted a little party to make these babies in style. 
What you will need
A few cheap pairs of Sunglasses ( I got mine from Ardene’s)
Jewels ( I got mine from the Dollarstore)
Flowers for the Prada ones ( I got mine from a store on Queen Street West, Toronto)
A Glue gun
Steady Hands
A little inspiration on the fridge 
After we were done, we felt it necessary to wear our sunglasses the entire night and well into the weekend.
If you want sunglasses that are a little more upscale to DIY with, grab a pair like these Marc by Marc ones!  The shape is great to work with. This site always has great sales..especially loving the Police and Vogue collectionsENJOY!

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