Falling back in Love

November 16, 2014


There are certain favourites from my childhood that I will always remember- watching Full House every Friday night, collecting Backstreet Boys stickers, playing with my Nano and shopping at Jean Machine for Silver jeans. All of these activities are long gone now…….except for shopping at Jean Machine ( and fine- maybe I still watch the occasional Full House episode!).

I did take a break from shopping there for a few years however I am happy to report that I have fallen back in love with them after seeing their fresh, new look that they have revealed in many stores.

New merchandise and new store layouts (with the help of Canada’s fashion guru- Susie Sheffman) have made me feel like a kid again..in the best way possible.

Although jeans are clearly their speciality, I had the chance to visit the Toronto Eaton location the other day and found the leather jacket of my dreams. Seriously have been looking for one for ages with no luck.

I suggest you all check out their new stock for a little pre-holiday shopping…..for yourself!

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