kale edamame salad

April 15, 2013

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For anyone that knows me, knows that I love me some good solid Kale. I AM SO TRENDY!
No seriously, I did hop on the bandwagon with little to zero expectations and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it- in all forms- even in it’s darkest hour (raw). 
This is an EASY salad to toss together, especially great for lunches. 
What you need for the Salad:
Cup of Edamame
2 Bunches of Kale
A few Baby Tomatoes 
Handful of Sweetened Dried Cranberries 
Handful of Almonds
Handful of Scallions
What you need for the Dressing: 
1 tsbp of Agave
1 tbsp of Olive Oil
1 tbsp of Balsamnic
One squeeze of a lemon
Mix all this together and voila! 

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