Nike Spring 2015

April 23, 2015

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Marisa Mercanti

Marisa Mercanti Canadian Travel Blogger

I decided that 2015 is the year of challenging myself and letting go of things that do not better me. I’m prettyyy excited for this year and I like where it’s headed so far!

From personal goals to fitness goals- I want to push myself to get things done and accomplish things that I have always wanted to do! With that being said, I have always wanted to run a marathon and although I’ve dabbled in a few 5K runs here and there- it was never anything that required training. When Nike announced they would be having a Women’s 15K on Toronto Island this year…I knew it was a sign that I had to do it! If I ever want to run the Boston marathon one day…it might be wise to start off with something like this! I’m a little nervous that I might die and collapse but I know with the support of the amazing #RUNTO community and a few of my girlfriends that I am doing this with that it should be a good adventure.

To start my training off it made sense to get myself in some new Nike gear so I picked up the new Flyknit Lunar 3 sneakers, some running tights and Dri-Fit tee. Cute work out gear= Marisa is motivated. For somebody who is always on the move- this stuff is so great for everything from flights, to hiking to errand running. If you are training for anything this summer or travelling somewhere and looking for some cool gear- I would suggest grabbing some of the new Nike Spring line.

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