Sober September

September 19, 2013

My life is all about balance. I absolutely love to eat and indulge but at the same time love to be healthy and work out. When life gets really busy and my social engagements pile up one after the other, I always take the time after things slow down to recharge. Since adding in all of these 5 things below into my life every few months, I seriously have not got sick in 2 years (knock on wood).

JUICE CLEANSE. Love them or hate them, incorporating juices into your life is extremely beneficial. You feel lighter, more energized and personally, my skin is always appreciative. It is important to load up on the veggie based juices as they contain the least amount of sugar! nekter juices are one of the main reasons I fell in love with juice while I lived in LA. Not only do they have great cleanses but they also have cocktail mixes for when you are ready to RE-toxt. Down!

ASIAN FACE MASKS. My obsession is not ok. Yes, you look like Jason from Friday the 13th when you wear one of them but not only does it leave you with baby-like skin, it also makes you feel like you just left the spa. 

WORK IT OUT.  I’m not talking about doing a Soul Cycle class where you will get murdered. When you start off your detox, do something light like yoga. You don’t want to shock your body. My favourite work out stuff is from O’Neill. It is the most stylish gear and keeps me looking somewhat decent as I huff and puff my way through my downward dogs. Seriously love their 365 hybrid line!  It also is always great to treat yourself to a piece of new work out gear…it makes you more motivated to move and be fit.

STEAM OR GO TO A INFRARED SAUNA! While it is great to be put amazing nutrients in your system, it is equally important to allow the bad toxins to exit the body.  If you live in LA, try out The Sweat Shop or any of the 24 hour Korean Spas. If you live in Southern Ontario, there is a new place in Oakville called the Salt Cave or in Toronto, you can go to Body Blitz and get yourself a day pass. The great part about steaming is that you sweat without having to move. My inner lazy girl’s dream! So amazing for your skin too.

HERBS + WATER. Not really anything new but start your day with a glass of warm lemon water. Take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar to alkalize your body. From there you can try out an Ayurvedic herb called Triphala. It helps with colon function and scraps the toxins out of the intestines naturally., You can get the liquid drops and just add them into your juices.

And think it goes without saying but limiting your alcohol and coffee while you are balancing it out is also so great! The first few days will be hard but you will feel amazing after a week!

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