Staying Healthy when Travelling

May 8, 2015

Canadian Travel Blog

There is nothing worse than getting sick when you are away. The minute it happens, you do nothing but think of your loved one petting your forehead and being curled up in your covers at home. Through the years I have learned a few ways to prevent getting sick and staying in the best health when travelling…especially to places that are a bit off the radar! My motto is: better paranoid and overcautious, then SUPER SICK AND VACATION RUINED

#1. Antibacterial Liquid Soap- So crucial to use before EVERY meal, after every dirty cab ride, after the beach, after ANY SORT OF MOVEMENT. Seriously…make sure to have some travel size pack and then a pack at your HOTEL.

#2. Work out– Working out is actually one of the top cures for Jetlag. When I am crossing a time zone, I try to work out the minute I get to a destination or first thing in the morning. It helps to get your blood flowing and helps your mind get focused. Jetlag is awful and can really drain you if you don’t try to kick it right away.

#3. THESE PILLS ARE EVERYTHING!!! These natural pills have prevented me from getting sick so many times I cant even tell you. If you have a sensitive stomach and are travelling somewhere with a much different food scene than what you are used to- I would suggest taking these pills before every meal. They are made up of peppermint oil so you aren’t loading your body with toxins and are used by Indian locals. Even if the food you are about to eat looks amazing, a lot of the time the water and/or sanitation requirements of different countries is much different than what we are used to! I took these before every meal in India and I didn’t get sick once ( pretty rare for India too let me tell you!)

#4. HYDERATE x4738- This is a no brainer kids but when you are travelling- your body needs more water than normal. The plane ride alone sucks a lot of hydration out of you so drink at least 8 glasses of water a day!! Also stick to brand name water and avoid ice if you are in a country where the water system is not great.

#5. Bring your own snacks– Filling up on unhealthy plane food is a great way to dehydrate you and fill your body with sodium. Sure you are heading on vacation and want to indulge but pick and choose the times you want to do it and don’t shock your body right off the bat! I also bring my own snacks because there are times you may be in a sketchy area with limited options. In Shangai and not in the mood for squid? Well thank god you have a granola bar in your pocket! When I travelled to India- I always had a snack from home with me! I especially love Gin Gin’s. They are a wellness candy made of ginger so pretty great for any bumpy car ride or boat. I had these every 15 minutes on the windy road to Hana and it took me a long way.

#6. Melatonin- If you arent getting sleep when you are travelling, you wont be able to fully enjoy your days. Of course if you are going to Ibiza- I’m sure you will be skipping this step but if you are seeing parts of the world you may never be back to- you want to make sure you are seeing it when a fresh set of eyes that are able to take it all in! Melatonin is also great for the plane ride…especially if you are doing a red-eye.

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