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August 9, 2013

Wanderlust, the 4 day travelling yoga festival, was in one word a: dream.

I was lucky enough to attend the Whistler festival this past weekend ( they hold festivals across the US and Canada) and got to share an amazing experience with hundreds of other yogis. We gathered together in the sacred place that is Whistler and downward dogged our way to a high state of bliss.

If the festival had a recipe it would have included a cup of nourishing the body, mind and soul through yoga, a spoonful of live music, a dash of amazing farm to table food,  and a sprinkle of  positive community. Whether it was the violinist leading a power flow class, or singing together in Warrior 1, it brought us all together in these moments and created a powerful connection between us all. As a new yoga instructor, I felt very inspired.

Aside from taking part in some the most rewarding yoga classes (led by some of the best yoga teachers in the country no less), we were encouraged to hike and meditate in the trails that surrounded us. Adding this element to an already magical experience, gave me such a sense of gratitude. I felt thankful for not only this experience, but for life and everything it has to offer. Life is so beautiful when you are able to slow down and re-connect to yourself ( I am fully aware how cheesy this sounds but it is true!)

One of my favourite classes was led by Kerri Kelly and Suzanne Sterling and took place on a mountain top. I took the gondoloa up early Saturday morning and felt the positivity the minute I laid down my mat. I was literally on higher ground at 3,000 feet! Even though I was hella sore from the day before, I got a new wave of energy once the class had begun.
The teachers, who also work at the organization Off the Mat, shared a favourite line with us that hit a chord in me and made me get “yoga high” within minutes. She said “Let the beauty you love, be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” which is a quote from Rumi. They encouraged us to take the gratitude and love we feel during practise off the mat into the world (which ultimately is the basis of their organization- LOVE).
*most images are my own, 2-3 are from the Wanderlustfestival.com website
All in all, there is literally something for everyone at a festival like this. It is not a granola festival for people who only eat raw food and wear clothes made of hemp (although there is some of that and I totally bought a shirt made of bamboo tree-HA)! My friend who has only dabbled in yoga here and there before this, truly felt the benefits of the practise and is now fully on board to start it regularly.
The only bad part of the whole experience was realizing they have another festival in Mont Tremblant later this month and another one next year in Hawaii-I seriously started looking up plane tickets! Yikes!
Although I won’t be able to go again anytime soon, I know that I will never forget it and I will forsure be going to the next one I can swing!
See you next time Wanderlust and thank you for having me

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  • Reply A.Co August 14, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    This sounds like quite a magical trip (I’m aware of how corny THAT sounds! but seriously!). The pictures are great, my faves are your downward dog and your hand-stand (what is that move called?); it’s stunning and soo impressive!

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