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The minute I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to do a baby shower themed around the Amalfi Coast!

Just last year we spent a portion of our honeymoon in Italy and pretty much consider pizza and pasta a food group in life, so it seemed like a fitting theme!

With splashes of blue & green tiles, pink flowers and the idea of lemons being everywhere, I thought that this style could suit a baby boy or girl!

I later found out I was having a girl so I added a few more pink touches to the event- like the balloon garland, invites and my dress!

I worked with Minted on creating my invitations, menu cards, place cards and table numbers which really accented the Amalfi theme. I was able to do invites that were more lemon themed and then with the menu and table numbers, created a more tiled look to replicate some of the designs and tiles you see in Italy!

The biggest labour of love from the event though was creating the lemon wall photo backdrop! It seemed like an easier idea at the time but I slowly started to realize that this was a serious undertaking and that giving birth to my baby may be easier than this ha! I purchased two pieces of wood from Home Depot, spray painted the pieces yellow and filled the wall with artificial lemons from Afloral!! Afloral has such great stuff for crafting and thankfully enough inventory to order SO MANY LEMONS! Omg – I didn’t realize how many I was going to need and add to order more half way through the project. Also prompts to myself for not dragging my husband into this mess like I normally do

 I also used artificial bougainvillea from Afloral to dress up the top and did up the sides and middle with stickers I got printed of Amalfi styled tile. In the end, I was so happy with the result and guests had a lot of fun posing infront of it!

For food, we did a classic Italian antipasto spread to welcome guests paired with passed appetizers like arancini balls, bocconcini/bruchetta bites and calamari! We sat down later in the day and had a more substantial lunch that consisted of chicken and risotto!

Drinks like Aperol Spritzs’ and Spiked Lemonade were passed around ( if I can’t drink I wanted my guests to make up for it!) and the drinks were created with Malfy Gin which is straight from Italy ( some of the lemons are from Amalfi and some from Sicily to give the gin a fresh and zesty aroma- how cool is that?). We also served shots of Lemoncillo after the lunch to settle the palette ūüėČ

For favours, we had San Pellegrino Limonata on each setting that guests could either take home or drink there if they wanted! Obviously being pregnant San Pellegrino has been my best friend. Makes me feel fancy!

For dessert, I worked with the Art of Sweets in creating a custom sweet table filled with donuts, macarons, cupcakes and hand painted cookies aka all of my pregnancy cravings combined!

I can’t wait to show my little girl the photos from this special day where she was showered with so much love!


Photographer:  Lisa from Taken by Marc, Bar Sign: Julia Monson Illustrations, Chairs: Chairs Galore, Printed Material: Minted, Favours: San Pellegrino, Cocktails: Malfy Gin, Dessert Table: Art of Sweets, Lemon Wall: Afloral, Silk Flower Accents: Afloral, Flowers: Acorn Flowers, Food & Catering: Edge Hospitality, Plate Chargers: Plate Occasions 

The biggest thank you however goes out to my mom and mother in law for throwing me this stunning and perfect day. Baby Gagnon is SO lucky to have the best G-ma’s in the world!!!

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