Last updated on September 6, 2013


My girlfriends and I had the BEST time over the long weekend at the Made in America Music Festival in Philadelphia. So much fun that I came home with a pulled foot muscle and many of us had unexplainable bruises (perhaps the airplane lift pictured above can explain a bit of it). Although it was no Coachella, it was definitely a weekend filled with a lot of memory making and soo many laughs. I am so thankful to have these weirdos in my life!
Besides the fun times, my favourite thing of the entire weekend was seeing BEYONCE perform in flesh. She made the entire thing worth it and made me pretty confident that she doesn’t reside on planet earth. There is just no way somebody is that insanely talented. Her and Jay Z probably met on Mars and were like “Let’s go cause a ruckus on Planet Earth”. Mission Accomplished, freaks. 
I spent the entire night being like “BEY-SUS” “BOW DOWN TO B”, “QUEEN B FOREVER”….and naturally had somebody rhinestone my arm with a “B”.  
Andddd scene. 

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