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Now that I am in my second trimester, I have rounded up my favourite things that have been helping to make my pregnancy easier! If you didn’t catch it on my Instagram Stories, I was recently at buybuy BABY getting started on my registry ( more on that next week!). While I was there, I picked up a few items for myself! While buybuy BABY has all the products and essentials for your baby, it also has TONS of stuff for the mama to be. I scooped up a few items that have been crucial over the last few weeks and I know will continue to be crucial over the next few months!



I never knew how badly I would need one of these. THEY ARE LIFE CHANGING YOU GUYS………even if it takes up almost all of your king bed and your husband and dog get a little tiny corner now. Oops! I also didn’t get just one- I got like 4 different ones. Body length size, wedge options and a mid size one. The ones I got are from the company Boppy which also has amazing nursing pillows as well. All of the pillows can be used post pregnancy as well as your body adjusts back!

This ONE is currently my favourite


I had SUCH dry skin in the first trimester. Everyone talked about “glowing” skin meanwhile I looked like I was a teenager with acne living in the Arctic temperatures! I started sleeping with a humidifier at night and oh my gosh it’s helped so much. You can also use this for the baby’s room after they are born which is highly recommend by doctors so you can really get your use out of it! We live in an older home too so it’s very much needed with the way our air circulates. The Dyson one is a little pricier but the warranty and quality is top notch!



I have continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy and have really loved it….especially since I have been eating more than I normally do! Feel a little less guilty when I go for that third slice of pizza 😉 While I have always listen to my body and stop going hard when I get out of a breathe, I wanted to monitor things a bit more closely just to be safe so I got a Fitbit. This has not only helped with making sure my heart rate doesn’t get too high but it has also helped track my sleeping. I can see how deep of a sleep I got the night before! Its the coolest little gadget. It also will be great once the baby is here so I can see how many steps I am doing per day running around chasing her ( once she starts moving!!)

Last but not least, I have a water bottle with me everywhere I go. It is so important to stay hydrated and sometimes when I am not at work- I totally forget to keep chugging water. Bringing this with me everywhere helps me remember!  Just be sure to slow down a little later in the day unless you want to be up three times a night to use the bathroom!


I feel like this is the first thing that people go out and purchase- well I did anyways! As soon as I found out I was pregnant I wanted to start lathering stuff on. While your genes play a big roll on whether or not you get stretch marks, ensuring you are moisturizing everywhere is still key and can minimize the scaring!


buybuy BABY has a ton of stretch mark oils to choose from but I heard amazing things about the simple Bio-Oil! Victoria Beckham actually swore by it during all 4 of her pregnancies and


I got away with wearing my normal pants for the first trimester and second trimester so far but now that I am heading into my 21st week, I know that this will no longer be the case for much longer. All my pants are tight and are a struggle to button up. I picked up some classic black maternity pants from buybuy BABY and a few t-shirts as well! I didn’t want to go nuts on maternity wear because it is only worn for such a short time but if you invest in classics like this you can mix and match with a few outfits

Most importantly I picked up some bras. As your body begins to change, being comfortable ( ESPECIALLY UP THERE) is key. I couldn’t handle my restrictive bras anymore so I changed to bralettes like these!

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