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Growing up, my brothers nickname for me was “Seal”. They said it was my spirit animal because I was always:

#1. Laying around like dead weight ( most often on the beach)

#2. Blurting out nonsense at random times

#3. Would  eat pretty much anything

Well- as much as I would give them shit for this comparison before- it couldn’t be more true right now LOL and that is how I would sum up the Third Trimester. Feeling like a seal. I am not saying I look like one – it’s how I *feel*

I am just over 38 weeks pregnant today which means I am under 2 weeks away from our due date! What in the HELL! We are definitely ready for our little girl to be here and we have all our ducks in order ( ie: nursery, car seat installed etc!). But are we mentally ready? Well- I am not too sure lol. Mixed emotions of feeling excited one minute and then extremely nervous the next.

Best part of Third Trimester?

Taking our maternity pictures. It was so special to take the time to do this especially so close to our due date. We had the SUPER talented Heidi Stadlinger Photography take our photos and she never disappoints. If you are looking for a maternity photographer or a lifestyle photographer for family pictures, she is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and just has the type of personality that you instantly feel comfortable with.

I have also loved doing chiro and acupuncture!! I have never done either so it was a whole new world for me and has definitely helped alleviate the pain and pressure

Worse part of Third Trimester?

OMG sleeping is the worst. I am the type of sleeper who moves around a lot. I toss and turn on a normal basis so when I have all this extra weight on me now- turning around isn’t so easy. I feel like I am in an Olympic event just trying to flop over or get up to go to the washroom. It takes EFFORT. Oh lets not forget that my dog likes to snuggle beside me and take up half my spot

Overall, I have enjoyed this trimester the least and feel overall uncomfortable

I was grunting and letting out deep sighs one day when I was getting ready and Aaron was like “Are you ok? What’s wrong”. I was like “Oh nothing at all- this is just how I sound now when I move around”

Weight Gain:

I have currently put on 20 lbs

Food Cravings:

I almost feel like this trimester I have eaten slightly less because the baby is taking up so much space in there. Actually- I still eat the same amount I would say but then just feel so sick after from not scaling back at all and am like “Whyyyyyyy god did I do that? Whyyyy”

Food Aversions:

Nothing this trimester! Nothing any trimester really. Still iffy about coffee on certain days I would say…or just particular about what kind of coffee I am having

Birth Plan?

My birth plan is NO birth plan. I definitely have a few things I would like in the room ( led candles, diffuser, nice music) but in terms of being set on wanting something particular-that I am not. If I feel I want an epidural- I will get it. If they have to do a c-section to get the baby out- cool! I am trying to go into it with no specific expectations and to be open minded.

I have listened to the Birthful Podcast  a lot on my drives home and it has really helped hearing other peoples stories because everyone’s is so different!


Hormonal Outburts: LOL to this one but I didn’t know you could cry when you don’t get a spring roll that you thought you were getting. And when I say cry, I mean ball in a fetal position for two hours. I also cried one day when I truly believed Aaron loved Finn more than me.

Back Pain: I have a terrible burning pain in the middle of my back that goes around to my ribs. It comes and goes though so thankfully it’s not an all day thing

Pelvic Pressure: Every time I get up, there is a lot of pressure down there. That’s why laying down doesn’t feel amazing for me because when I get up, it’s that much worse

Having to Pee 8 times throughout the day and night. I wish I was exaggerating my friends but I am not. I go once an hour.

Exercise or no Exercise?

 I am still exercising but definitely modifying a lot more. About a month ago, I could still run (or lightly jog) during my classes but now I can’t so I hit the bike. I have also scaled back on my classes as of last week and am only doing three classes a week instead of four. Next week will probably be my last week of doing classes and then I will just walk after that point if I feel up to it until I actually delivery.




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