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Last updated on October 17th, 2015

I’ve never been one to have countdowns for trips, events or birthdays (who wants to count down to turning 25? Ew. Depressing) but as the date for our trip to Italy comes closer…I can’t help but scream

….HOLY SH*T 9 days left!

Somehow all 6 of us are going (how we pulled this one off is beyond me) and the excitement is beyond words!
We begin our journey in Rome where I will be meeting my friend Thuy (my good friend from Germany that I interned with at BCBG). Me and Laura are the only ones doing Rome since we are the only ones who haven’t been there yet so us two, along with Thuy, will be spending 5 nights in the city where vino is more popular than water. Yum. Naj, Jenna and Stacey are flying in to join us on our 5th night in Rome. Both amazing……and dangerous haha.
We leave the next day and head to Sorrento/Capri where we will be joined by Danielle who is already in italy! We stay in that area for 4 nights and to be honest, I am the most pumped for it.
I heard that in Capri you can get custom made shoes and clothing done that is exquisite and I somehow can’t stop picturing myself on a yacht (how we will find a boat that lets six budget travellers on is still unknown)
After Capri, we head to the tip of the boot….Sicily for a week.

Stay Tuned..

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