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I am officially 28 weeks pregnant today which means I am headed into my third trimester aka the FINAL STRETCH. I can’t believe it! While the first trimester trickled by soo slow,this one was the complete opposite! Seems like it flew by.

We are starting to get ready for the new lil tenant…setting up the room and putting some of the stuff we ordered together. We are also prepping our first born ( AKA FINN)  for her arrival by playing him crying sounds. LOL. If anyone knows Finn’s mental state, you know this was an interesting moment. He stared at the camera for a good few minutes twisting his head back in forth in confusion. Poor kid doesn’t know what he is in for. Also can everyone please stop telling us we won’t care about Finn once the baby is here ( aheem Mom)? We love our son and we can’t wait to see him and Baby G together! He will be her first and without a doubt, most interesting friend

Best part of Second Trimester?

The best part of second trimester is everyone being supperrr nice to you and constantly telling you to “rest”. While I am someone who can’t sit still for TOO long, I have been taking people up on this….especially when it’s time to clean the dishes;)

You also can back out of plans without having to explain yourself and noone will bat an eyelash.

I also loved finding out the gender during this trimester. As a planner, it allowed me to get organized for the nursery, items I needed etc and just made everything more real.

OH and how can I forget one of my favourite perks- Utilizing the maternity parking spots at the mall!

Worse part of Second Trimester?

People’s opinions. The cat is out of the bag where everyone knows your pregnant which means people feel entitled to give you advice! YAY!!!!!!!


I am ALL for people’s advice on baby related stuff ie: this is a great product, you should try it! or did you register for this? Breastfeeding tips etc..I need all the help I can get but once I announced I was pregnant, I started having people slide into my DM’s on Instagram telling me their opinions or giving me comments on things I was doing.

When I was hiking: “Is that safe?”

When I was at a sushi restaurant: “You do know you can’t eat sushi right?”

Photos from the gym: “Isn’t that class too hot for pregnancy? Be careful!”

Travelling: “Isn’t Greece too long of a flight for you?”

Listen- I get it- I put my life out there so I should expect people’s comments from time to time so I’m taking it with a grain of salt but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to slap them and say “Hey girl- thanks I have access to google, have definitely researched what I cannot eat during pregnancy and I also have a doctor who I have spoke to things about. Now go get yourself a glass of wine and buzz off..kk thanks”


Also people now feel entitled to touch your stomach. I know some woman enjoy this…I am not one of them. I feel like I am an animal at a petting zone and I am a private person in that aspect. I know people mean well but CRINGE!

Food Cravings:

I can’t say that I have had anything too random. Just likeeeee cupcakes, frozen yogurt, skor blizzards, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, BBQ lays chips, gummy worms, red velvet cake, pizza, tacos and gnocchi. You know..the regular suspects

In all honestly- when I want to “treat”, these are the foods I always want for the most part. The difference is that I have been giving into my cravings more and pretty much NEED dessert after every meal or I feel like I may die…OR become a praying mantis towards Aaron.

I would say the most random craving out of that list is frozen yogurt. I needed it so bad in Greece one day I spent 10 euros to park so I could get it.

Food Aversions:

Unfortunately I have not been turned off any food LOL. Again- not shocked.I hear the stories of girls not being able to stomach eggs or rice or something…nope I accept everything and anything


Anxiety: While I haven’t had any terrible physical symptoms ( knock on wood), I have dealt with HEAVY waves of anxiety. More so in the first part of the second trimester. I have googled everything even though I swore I was done with it. Any sort of risk, I goggled the statistics. I let my mind go to dark places ie: ended up on a website with the title “WOMAN DIES FROM CHILDBIRTH”.  After the anatomy scan though, I felt much more relaxed and anxiety left the building!!!

Body Image: I have also struggled with a bit of body image issues. It is very much a rollarcoaster in this category as it is truly a miracle that you are growing a tiny human inside of you but it is also so weird seeing your body change. What was hard for me was that it didn’t look like I was pregnant from weeks 14-22. It just looked like I packed on a SOLID few pounds so I felt awkward. I felt like people at the gym were like “That short girl must be killing Kripsy Kremes at night” and I just wanted to yell out “BUT IM PREGNANT!” My stomach is now looking very much pregnant now ( it’s true when they say you just POP one day). There are other times that I am feeling confident and amazing in my own skin- it just comes in waves!

Hormonal Issues: Aaron may have some things to say on this symptom specificially. I guessss I could agree that I have been more sensitive to things and have cried easier. I also have been much more irritated at work with clients and have found myself throwing pens when I have been on the phone. I mean- I always normally do this when speaking to a Bridezilla but lately its been much more often! Or just people in general actually- my threshold for bullshit right now is just very low.


Having to Pee 6-7 times throughout the night. I can’t tell you how annoying this is.

Overall, I still can’t complain in the grand scheme of things…AT ALL!  I’ve never had my head in the toilet or have been in bed for days on end. KNOCK ON WOOD!

Exercise or no Exercise? Exercise! I have been working out 4 times a week still. I used to work out 5-6 times a week so I have scaled back a bit and my work outs are definitely getting a bit more challenging. I am finding myself out of breathe quicker and some of the exercises are just overall harder. I modify where I need to and listen to my body. Some days when I feel sluggish, my morning work outs completely changes my mood and I feel so much better!

Name? Yes we have a name picked out! We aren’t sharing it until baby is born though but it is just a cute, girly french name that goes with our last name. No Apple, Blue Ivy etc. I also like the short forms I’ve already started calling her. I short form everythinggg so that was important for me. If we had a boy, we were going to go the unique route!

BabyMoon? We went away in June to California and although it was early ( I was 18 weeks), we really enjoyed this special time just us two. I recommend doing a little getaway with your significant other to just soak up this special time. At 18 weeks, I wasn’t thinking of how much our lives were going to change but now I DEFINITELY am. Can’t hop on our bikes anymore and pick up for a day road trip as easily. Can’t do date nights whenever we please ( we will but they will be more planned) so we are trying to soak up the little things right now!

I also went on a Mother/Daughter Moon with my mom to Greece ( which I’m sure you saw on IG). I was 25 weeks and I still felt great! Of course some days I had enough walking but if you are going to do a babymoon,  I the second trimester is the way to do it!

I can see the weeks getting more interesting ( ie: sleeping) or just moving is not as smooth as before lol so I feel like the third trimester will be a bit more difficult than the last two! I have a bachelorette party and my baby shower coming up though so I’m very much excited for those things coming up!!!!!!!!!




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