Last updated on April 9th, 2019

Let’s face it- winter is rough on us physically AND mentally! You’re more tired, you feel more sluggish and above all- your skin takes a beating!! My skin is sensitive so if I don’t properly take care of it during these less than ideal months, it can easily turn super dry, flaky, red and make me look ten years older!

Here are some of the key products I am using ( and LOVING) to get me through the cold weather ( from left to right)

  1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray- Filled with Aloe and Rosewater, this spray makes you feel like you instanly left the spa. I use this every morning after I wash my face and especially love it when I am travelling. Hydrates your skin so much!
  2. Vivier Moisurizer– This is my go to everyday moisturizer to keep my skin super hydrated. After I wash my face in the morning, I put this on and it feels like I am giving my skin a glass of water. It is packed with Avocado, Vitamin E …lots of natural stuff which I love!
  3. Coola SPF Sport- I apply this light, watery SPF everyday…even if it’s cloudy. The wind is real my friends and SPF is crucial to protect your skin. This product makes you feel like you don’t even have it on! I also hear it is amazing for kids so will be trying it out on Chloe when she can wear sunscreen next month!
  4. Vivier Radiance Serum– This badboy is for anti-aging and brighting aka the holy grail for my aging 34 year old self. It smells INCREDIBLE and absorbs into the skin flawlessly. I use this morning and night!
  5. Coola Make up Setting Spray- Another product by Coola….because it is simply the best! This is the last product I use after putting on my make up for extra protection!
  6. Purlisse Exfoliator Mask- I use this mask twice a week to help get rid of all the dead skin cells. It has a sand like texture so when you massage it onto your face you immediately feel like it’s getting into your pores and working it’s magic. You leave it on for about 15 minutes and after you wash it off, you feel like you have a new layer of skin
  7. Caudalie Detox Overnight Oil- Pretty much have been a die hard fan of this brand for the last 10 years. I have used (and loved) all of their products but am currently really loving this one in particular! I use this overnight before I go to bed after putting on my Vivier serum
  8. Nic-KOHL Night Cream- This line is from a local beauty studio based out of Oakville, Ontario. Not only does Nicole offer specialized facials, laser treatments and cosmetic injections but she also has her own product line that is made in Toronto. I have been going to her for years for hair laser removal and am excited to try some other stuff once I am done breastfeeding 😉
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Although I broke down all my favourite products here, I should have placed them in the order I ACTUALLY use them! Basically I wash my face in the morning then I apply the Mario Facial Spray- Coola SPF- Vivier Radiance Serum, Vivier Moisurizier and then finally the Coola Setting Spray ( after make up)

At nighttime, I use the same products ( except the SPF products!) and add on the Overnight Oil after my serum and Nic-KOHL night cream at the very end of everything!!

You can shop all products below!!

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