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Throwback Thursday: Desert Tripping

Last updated on October 19th, 2015

The debate on Aliens is still up in the air but if you come to Joshua Tree you will not only believe in extraterrestrial activity but you will also feel like you are visiting another planet. It is insane in the best way possible.
I have been there twice now and can’t wait to go back when I visit California again. Although many people retreat here to escape the city and get inspired, there is surprisingly a lot to do. From all the art installations in the middle of nowhere to some great sweat inducing hike routes in the National Park, you can definitely fill up your days. My FAVOURITE, favourite thing though is hanging out at the Integratron which is a large dome in Bakersfield (20 minutes from the town of Joshua Tree).


The Integratron is located on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that is believed to amplify the energy required for rejuvention and healing.  They offer daily “sound baths” or “brain baths” which are basically the best thing ever. If you allow it, it can bring you to a state between consciousness and sleep. You lay on comfy mats and blankets surrounded by healing rocks and  listen to crystal singing bowls that somebody begins to play. Each noise triggers a different chakra in your body.  Kooky or not- I left both times feeling like I had slept for a week straight at a spa.

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