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Last updated on October 19th, 2015

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Some snaps from the long weekend up north! Good friends of mine were kind enough to invite us up to their beautiful cottage on Kushlog Lake about 2 and a half hours from Toronto. 2 and a half hours from Toronto but felt like it was three worlds away from ordinary life. I always try to get up north at least once a summer! Last year it was with the girls and this year it was with two other couples and one important French Bulldog named Francine who is basically a local celebrity! We got into serious Monopoly games ( not trying to brag or anything but I was the Donald Trump of cottage Monopoly after my boyfriend and I decided to loan eachother some money and co-invest HA), went water skiing ( definitely trying to brag here that the girls were the only ones who got up), cliff jumping off rocks that required you to climb up with ropes, sparkler sessions on the dock ( always), whipped up some DELICIOUS homemade meals made with love and shared some hilarious laughs over wine, beer and smores. This is memory making at it’s finest to me. Better yet- this is Canada at it’s finest to me.

Thank you cottage country for always making me appreciate nature, friends, summer and being adventurous.

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