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Hang gliding in Rio

Last updated on October 19th, 2015


THROW BACK THURSDAY to a not so long ago time in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

I didn’t think it had it in me to jump off a cliff and hang glide but I DID IT! I was effing scared but jumping was the hardest and most intense part. Thankfully the instructor spoke broken english ( actually he spoke a total of like 4 english words) and did a bad job at communicating when we were actually going to jump. I thought we were going to practise for a bit but when he dragged me up onto the platform, it was GO time. It all happened so fast that I didn’t really have time to chicken out! And I am glad I didn’t because it ended up being the most amazing experience.

I felt like a little bird just gliding along in the air (not when the wind picked up though and shot me up back into the sky- SCARY!). Rio is such a perfect place to do this kind of thing because not only do you get to see a national forest, you get a view of the famous favelas, the sky scrappers and the ocean.


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