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Last updated on October 17th, 2015

i’ve been craving a wine tour this entire trip. i really wanted to see the italian countryside, taste good wine and get away from the city.

Visiting Danielle’s family turned out to be the wine tour that I have been searching for. We travelled from Palermo to Agrigento, a two hour bus ride east of Palermo and were greeted by Danielle, her cousin and her aunt Nina…who ended up becoming our official vacation “Nonna”.

Arriving in 45 degree heat with no AC made us ready to chill and do the least amount of movement as possible. We were driven to their ‘campania’ which is considered their country/cottage house.
Nestled in the top hills of the Sicilian mountains, we arrived to a stunning rustic house that was said to be over 200 years old.
the view
In the campania house were were greeted by at least 25 people who were all, in someway, related to Daneille. They were so warm and welcoming and were happy to be hosting us “americana girls”.
two of the many nonnas

Although I loved the sight of barrels of wine and happy italian people…the best part of the house was the sweet, sweet aroma of the food being cooked. What it was…I didnt care. I just needed it in my stomach…asap.

We began our feast with wine. One glass led to 3 and 3 became 5 and the next thing we knew we were running around the countryside…singing, doing limbo, doing photoshoots and singing italian songs off key.
On Najah.. Top: H&M, Skirt: Guess, Sunglasses: Raybans, Purse: Antiprima-nueve from Winner’s
Area inside the house.
Random gate and toy

The best part of the whole day was being tricked into going to one area of the house where we got drenched by buckets of water courtesy of Danielles cousins.
After our amazing day, we did however, stay away from red wine for the next few days.

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