Kauai Photo Diary # 2

Last updated on January 12th, 2018

IMG_0060 IMG_9946 IMG_5362 IMG_0583 IMG_0519 IMG_0443  IMG_0409 IMG_0405 IMG_0354 IMG_0333  IMG_0308  IMG_0234


IMG_0219 IMG_0011

Last bit of Hawaii photos!
When I re-look at them- it feels like it was 9 years ago and I’m ready to go back. Pictures can be annoying to take in the moments sometimes- posing and adjusting your angle, asking randoms to take a picture…. but when you have the chance to relook at them and it brings you back to the moments- the feelings, the smells, the air….it’s worth every second of it all.

I’m ready for my next adventure…..

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