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Last updated on April 10, 2020

There have been a lot of emotions that I have been feeling in Quarantine. One minute I am motivated and trying to do all of the things and the next I am feeling like I just want to crawl back under the covers and eat brownies. What has helped me keep somewhat consistent is sticking to a routine ( as much as I can), continue to stay organized all while embracing the slower pace of things. While I won’t be putting on heels or a cocktail dress anytime soon, I do like to feel my best when I am at home these days. I have made sure to keep my sheets fresh, put a new pair of stylish joggers on, did that home work that you saw on someone’s IG Live and have carved out some ME time after Chloe is asleep to read! Here are some of my favorite things right now!

(Also I have been shopping more- JUST ME? and there are still good sales happening at Shopbop. I have been planning outfits for when I CAN EVENTUALLY GO OUT lol)

  1. American Eagle/Aerie Sweater ( BEST COMFY/LOUNGEWEAR YOU GUYS) / 2. Radiate Wellness  (Amazing supplement that increases mental clarity!) / 3. Fluffy Slippers ( FROM AMAZON!) / 4. Tie Dye Joggers / 5. Untamed Book ( A motivational/self help book to keep you going during this down time) / 6. Sleek Joggers (ON MAJOR SALE RIGHT NOW) / 7. Button Down PJ’S (Comes in tons of colours and only $25)/ 8. Acrylic Calendar ( Stylish way to know which day of the week it is LOL)/ 9. Parachute Bedding ( I have tried out every bedding. This is the best. Hands down)/ 10. Herbivore Body Scrub (Obsessed with this brand)/ 11. Adidas Kicks ( Comes in tons of colours as well)

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