Oahu Photo Diary

Last updated on January 13th, 2018


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IMG_5225 IMG_5241 IMG_5263 IMG_5287 IMG_5293 IMG_9263 IMG_9349 IMG_9356 IMG_9571 IMG_9581 IMG_9618


Some snaps from our time in Honolulu!

Although some people find Honolulu to be congested and overpacked- we found it to be the perfect blend of everything we would want in a trip- big city energy, trendy restaurants at every corner, cool and iconic hotels…all lined up against the ocean. What we particularly loved most is that you could be in the centre of Waikiki where all the action is and then after a short hour drive north could be in a remote area where you are surrounded by lush greens, juice stands and bed and breakfasts. It was the best of both worlds forsure and we have been ready to go back since the moment we landed home in Toronto.

Check out what to do in Honolulu if you have a day there HERE

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