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Daydream Diaries Travel Blog- 5 Places to see pink
Shibazakura, Japan

Growing up I was never in love with the colour pink. If I had to pick a favourite colour I would almost always choose black or white ( I swear I had a fun childhood), however, over the years this fun shade has grown on me immensely! Although I am not a stark pink clothing wearer- the subtle pastel shades of it make me swoon like no other! What makes me swoon even more though? Seeing the colour pink in magical spaces and places around the world. If you love pink too- check out the list below as I round up some of the best places to see it!
#1. Seeing Pink in the destination of Shibazakura, Japan

Shibazakura Hill, a beautiful spring sightseeing spot located in Hitsujiyama Park, overlooks the entire city area of Chichibu. About 400,000 moss phloxes spread over the ground and with Mount fiji in the background on clear days, the whole thing seriously looks fake! The best time to see the five different kinds of Pink Moss flowers, usually takes place in May. This is what my dreams are mad of!

#2. The Pink lake in Australia: Lake Hillier

Daydream Diaries Travel Blog- 5 Places to see pink2
Lake Hillier is a pink-colored lake on Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia. It’s about 600 metres long and is surrounded by a rim of sand and eucalyptus trees. It’s still a mystery as to why the lake is pink but scientists speculate that it comes from a dye created by bacteria that lives in the salt crusts. Bacteria, doesn’t sound so safe right? But surprisingly it is! It’s totally fine for us humans to take a dip


#3. Pink Corners of Jaipur, India

Since the nickname of Jaipur is actually called “pink city”, I think its safe to say this place should be included. This magical city is filled with pink palaces, forts and incredible arts and crafts. My jaw was continuously dropped when I was there and I felt like I was living in Barbie’s dream palace.

Daydream Diaries Travel Blog- 5 Places to see pink

#4. Pink Destination in Thailand: Red Lotus Sea in Udon Thani
Not sure who decided to name this place but they definitely were a little colour blind because it is definitely filled with pink flowers- not read! Located 45km south east from the Udon Thani ring road near the Lao border, this unique natural attraction is home to millions of lotus flowers. And I thought the lake from The Notebook was the best thing ever. NOPE! Best time to visit? February. It is the only month of the year when the flowers cover the entire surface!

#5. Lake Retba, Senegal: Maybe the MOST pink destination in this list!
Daydream Diaries Milkshake Lake
Hey strawberry milkshake fans out there- if you find yourself in north-west Africa you’ll find a lake that is visually as delicious. It’s high salt concentration allows people to float easily and plenty of workers collect the salt daily to mainly be used to preserve fish. Its colour is most visible during dry season (November-June) and less during rainy season (July-October).

Is there any other pink destinations that I missed? Have you visited a place where you can see epic shades of pink? Let me know!

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