7 Beautiful Waterfalls in Grenada

Last updated on April 17, 2024

If there is one thing that Grenada has no shortage of, it’s waterfalls! The Waterfalls in Grenada put the ones we saw in Bali or Costa Rica to shame and we were surprised by the variety considering how small the island is!

There are some waterfalls in Grenada that are very popular ( aheem Annandale falls) and then a few lesser known ones that do require a little hike to reach it!

If you have lots of time on the island, I definitely recommend you exploring all of these on the list to really get a feel of how lush and exotic Grenada truly is.

Each of these Grenada waterfalls are special in their own ways and this list will help you choose which ones may be the best fit for you to explore.

1. Annandale Falls- The Most Popular Waterfall in Grenada

If you google “Waterfalls in Grenada”, the first thing that will come up is Annandale Falls. It is the most well known waterfall in Grenada and it truly checks off so many boxes!

You can jump into the water there, it’s kid friendly with more shallow water at the entrance point and it has an amazing restaurant right on site that overlooks the whole scene.

Visiting Annandale falls was one of the most memorable days for us as a family and we ALL had the best time. Even my 2 year old!

Fun Fact: There is a waterfall jumper that hangs out at the falls jumping from the highest cliff point. He is actually hired by the tourism board and it’s quite a sight to see! He jumps from the highest point about every 30 minutes!

Things to know before visiting Annandale Waterfall

  • This waterfall is only 20 minutes from the town of St. George
  • It only takes 5 minutes down a well maintained path to reach it
  • If you are visiting from a cruise ship, this waterfall in Grenada is your best bet as you can quickly experience it without having to waste the full day!
  • Entrance Cost: Around $2 USD
  • Food on site? Yes a full restaurant called Wild Orchid (amazing views and great drinks!), souvenirs to purchase and when we visited there was even a monkey that you could take photos with before heading down the path

2. Seven Sisters Waterfalls Grenada

Seven Sisters Waterfalls is made up of seven waterfalls hence the very clever name 😉

Just a short distance from Grand Etang Lake (another beautiful site in Grenada), you can find the entrance to the Seven Sisters Waterfall! What we loved about this waterfall in Grenada is that it’s not as busy as Annandale so you can be on the path almost by yourself at times!

We loved being welcomed by the first two waterfalls after a 30 minute hike to them. It was well maintained and well marked ( following the sound of the falls made it easy ha) but going beyond that first set of waterfalls was where we stopped. Beyond that, we would recommend a guide ( or so we heard). Hiking beyond that will lead you to the remaining 5 waterfalls.

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Things to know before visiting Seven Sisters Waterfall:

  • It is best to bring hiking shoes for this hike. The trail can sometimes get a bit muddy if there was a big rain before.
  • I would consider this hike kid friendly but breaks and stops will definitely be needed
  • The overall difficulty of the hike is easy to moderate.
  • Entrance Fee? $3 USD!

3. Concord Falls

Located in the St. John’s Parish, Concord waterfalls is a little gem of a waterfall that is tucked into the forest.

Seeing Concord waterfall made me feel like I was in a magazine ( it was very IG worthy!). I loved the size of the pool at the bottom of the falls as it was small and looked like a little plunge pool. How do I get one of these in my future backyard?

Despite the small landing pool, there was still some daredevils jumping from the top. I would honestly not recommend…eek!

Things to before before visiting Concord Falls:

  • There is a steep set of stairs in order to access the bottom of the falls. If you have terrible knees, I would proceed with caution.
  • We didn’t have problems bringing the kids down as we carried them ( definitely broke me into a sweat though!)
  • There are several local vendors if you want to grab a souvenoir and there is a spot for a bite or drink if you want to extend your time there
  • Entrance fee? $2 USD

4. Au Coin and Fountainbleu Falls

Au Coin and Fountainbleu Falls in Grenada are technically on the same grounds of Concord Falls- just another 2 hour hike from there! I call it “Concord Waterfall’s Older Sisters”.

Considered more beautiful than Concord falls, it really is difficult to get to but if you want to make a whole day waterfall chasing, it would be a great activity to do it here! With more green moss around it and dynamic landscapes overall, it will leave you speechless.

Waterfalls in Grenada

Things to know before visiting Au Coin and Fountainbleu Falls:

  • Seeing both of these waterfalls will have you trekking through private property. It is not just recommended to get a guide for this one, it’s required!
  • Pack snacks or a lunch for this. There is no vendors, stalls or restaurant anywhere near here

5. Royal Mount Carmel Falls

At over 75 feet in height, Royal Mount falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the country!

I love this waterfall for getting different view points from so many angles! It’s also neat because the trail that leads you there ( only about 10-15 minutes) makes you feel like you are on a private plantation ( lots of spice plants a long the way). It feels like a total surprise once you reach this massive waterfall nestled into the private grounds.

It’s a little further from St. George and will take you about an hour to reach the entrance by car but it’s really worth it if you want to be immersed in nature

Things to know before visiting Royal Mount Falls:

  • This is a super easy hike ( only about 10 minutes)
  • We spotted a lot more locals here than tourists which we loved! Lots of picnics etc
  • Entrance Fee? $2 USD
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6. Tufton Hall Waterfall

Located in the St Mark’s Parish, Tufton Hall Waterfall is a cascading waterfall with a lot of height to it!

Unlike some of the other waterfalls in Grenada, this one makes you REALLY work for it. To access this one requires a 3 hour hike through some pretty serious terrain. We call this waterfall, the waterfall in Grenada for those who are adventure seekers.

The hike brings you lots of visual rewards though as you make your way though and really is a solid half day excursion.

Things to know before visiting Tufton Waterfall in Grenada:

  • With this one, considering how long the hike is, we recommend using a guide to show you the way. We love some of the gang from Tufton Hall Waterfall Hikes and their information is as follows: TuftonHallWaterfall@gmail.com
  • The cost of this hike is all dependent on the guide you book. The last time we checked the guided hikes cost about $30-40 USD!

7. Golden Falls- The Most Unique Waterfall in Grenada

Close to Mount Horne, Golden Falls is Grenada’s most unique waterfall and attraction. It is the only hot AND cold Sulphuric waterfall with golden orange colours ( hence the name) caused by the Sulphur in the water. How cool!

If you were looking to visit a few waterfalls in the country, I would recommend making sure this one is in the list! Although very difficult and challenging to get to as you need to weave in and out of the water through slippery rocks and uneven grounds, it’s worth it.

Things to know before visiting Golden Falls in Grenada:

  • I would not recommend doing this hike with kids
  • You need a guide to visit this waterfall and we recommend Real Grenadian Taxi & Tours. They are really the only tour company that has a handle on this hike!
  • The hike is about 1.5 hours each way so expect some muscle pain the next day and to rest up before you go. I would recommend packing some snacks too!

Thing to know before visiting any of the Waterfalls in Grenada

  • If you are really wanting to get up close and personal with any of these waterfalls, I would recommend bringing water shoes. Some of the rock trails are slippery and there are lots of smaller trail paths filled with things that would really hurt if you stepped on them
  • Always bring cash to some of these spots. Even if you are going on a tour, there are some things you may need cash for ( water etc)
  • While a lot of the hikes to the waterfalls offer a lot of shade, I would wear a hat and bring SPF!!

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