Ultimate Grenada Travel Guide (2024): The Caribbean’s Hidden Gem

Last updated on April 17th, 2024

Grenada, a southern island in the Caribbean, is one of the most idyllic and unique islands that I have had the pleasure of visiting!

Grenada refers to itself as “Spice Island” because it is filled to the brim with tropical herbs, fruits, spices and more in it’s ever so lush setting. It has a mountainous interior, exotic beaches that are untouched and serene and has an exceptional round up of unique hotels. It’s one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets if you ask me and while many people still know about Grenada- it’s still not mainstream. But it will be. So my advice is to read this Grenada travel guide and get yourself there pronto!

This Grenada Travel Guide is going to break down everything you need to know about visiting this gem of a place!


How to get to around in Grenada?

Getting around Grenada is relatively easy. The roads are well constructed and paved and even though the cars are on the left hand side of the road ( opposite of how we do things in the US or Canada), it still is not complicated! The only thing to be aware of is that some of the roads are windy and narrow.

Taxi’s are costly there so relying on that to move around the island would certainly add up! Think like $40 USD for a 10 minute drive round trip.


RENTAL CAR: Rental cars on the island are pretty reasonable. We always rent a car through this site! Grenada is not one of those places where you need an SUV- like I said the roads are well maintained. The only thing I would caution with a rental car is that some of the roads in the mountains are quote windy. If you are prone to motion sickness you may want to take a Gravol or two!

IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: Like many rental car agencies, drivers are required to be 25 years and over. Some companies in Grenada also require you to have a Grenadian driving permit. This can be obtained at the local police station. The address for this is: The Carenage in the capital city of St. George’s. It costs $60 Eastern Caribbean Dollar.

TOUR OR DRIVER: If you are doing a cruise ship stop in Grenada, I would absolutely recommend booking a tour with Royalton Tours. We used Sheldon for a few day trips as we wanted to just relax and not worry about directions etc and he was AMAZING!!!!

He knew everything about the island and was so courteous and polite. Our kids were literally crying when they had to say bye to him at the end of our tours with him hahaha. His vehicle are spacious, can accommodate anyone with mobility issues and you can even arrange a car seat with him if you have kids!

Alternatively if you are planning to visit Grenada and don’t want to book a rental car, I would recommend Sheldon as a driver. YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY!!!

BUS: If you are on a budget, you can check out the local bus service. Unlike North American, the local buses here are colorful and are called “Reggae Buses” aka way more fun! You can flag them down at the stations on the main roads. It’s very affordable- only running you about EC$2.50 to EC$6.50 depdending on your route.

When to visit Grenada?

Things to do in Grenada

HIGH SEASON: The peak/high season in Grenada runs from December to April.

LOW SEASON: Low season in Grenada runs from May to November, however, they have a peak time in August when their

Grenada however is a great place to visit year round and is one of the few Caribbean countries that doesn’t have Hurricanes on their radar very often. It has a landscape that is kept lush by steady trade winds and avoids being a central target of any harsh weather systems.

How Many Days Do You Need In Grenada

You definitely need one week in Grenada to fully see everything! The country offers SO much and it would be a shame to only stick to one side of the island. Additionally, since the country is made up of 3 islands- I definitely recommend doing a day trip or an overnight to the neighboring island of Carriacou!

Grenada Entry Requirements

If you are from the US or Canada, there are no visa requirements to visit. Going through customs at the airport was a breeze for us ( there was literally no one there other than the people on our flight!). I LOVE ISLAND AIRPORTS!!! And theirs is a typical little island one and we loved it.

Entry Form: Every person entering Grenada needs to fill out an immigration form upon arrival. You are given these on the plane most of the time aka do not forget to pack a pen!

Proof of Accommodation: You may be asked to provide proof of accommodation for your stay in Grenada. This could be a hotel reservation or Air Bnb booking.

Where to stay in Grenada?

Unlike some islands in the Caribbean, tourism has grown at a lovely pace and there are no big high rises anywhere in the country. It doesn’t feel commercialized at all and thank god for that! It’s hard to find a country that still has a variety of accommodation options yet still feels so low key.

Whether you want a luxury stay or a budget friendly option, Grenada has it all! If you are looking where to stay in Grenada, my list below is a great starting point!

True Bay Resort- Best Family Hotel in Grenada

Staying at True Bay Resort was one of the best decisions we made! If you have kids you should definitely consider this spot. It’s laid back, colourful, family run, eco friendly and just has an overall great vibe and layout.

True Bay Resort has over 4 + different restaurants pools making it easy to cool off after a hot day of exploring. Each has it’s own feel: there is a lagoon style one with sand, a Balinese lap pool, and 2 more traditional pools. Our kids loved the variety and got excited to pick one each day.


  • The On Site Restaurant: True Bay’s restaurant called “Dodgy Dock” is one of the most popular places in town! It was so nice to be able to dine here breakfast, lunch or dinner and know it would be a: open and b: lively!
  • The Yoga Shala: This hotel had my dream yoga studio. Perched up on the 2nd floor, it offered ocean views and it felt like I was legitimately in a tree house. It was open air and had interior wood paneling making it feel very warm and it truly was one of the best places I have done a class. If that’s not your thing, they also have a work out room equipped with a PELOTON!
  • The Rooms: We loved how many different types of rooms they had. We had a large suite that had a kitchenette, large balcony and even a 2nd floor look out area. They have 2 bedroom suites, more traditional rooms that overlook the pool or water and some more renovated ones.
  • The Rum Bar: Pictured above on the left was the resort’s Rum bar and it was certainly spot that you can spend a good amount of time around. It had cute ( and very Instagrammable swings) around it and was another cheerful little addition to the grounds!

Silversands- Best Luxury Hotel in Grenada

Where are my 5 star hotel lovers at? If you are looking for one of the best luxury hotel options in Grenada, you will want to book the Silversands Resort.

Silversands is home to the largest pool in not only Grenada but in the entire Caribbean. Yes you read that right. Their sleek and sexy pool is the focal point of the resort and rightfully so- it’s a jaw dropper.

While we didn’t stay here, we visited for a little cocktail hour to celebrate my husband’s birthday. You can visit for lunch or dinner and I recommend doing so simply to check out the space. It is pricey though (drinks were almost $20 USD) so be aware of that before coming!

Mount Cinnamon- Best Mid Priced Hotel in Grenada

Mount Cinnamon is one of the OG hotels in Grenada! It’s perched up on a cliff which offer sweeping views of the beach. It is quite arguably one of the better views in town.

Miami: Bachelorette Edition

Mount Cinnamon has that old school, island charm yet combines modern amenities and touches. It’s the perfect combination for those that want to very much feel like they are in Grenada but want to be pampered. It feels like a tropical little hideaway and although the hotel itself is not directly on the beach- they have a designated restaurant and loungers

Sandals Grenada

Honeymooners?? If you want an adult only 5 star experience that is not only all inclusive but also romantic- you should definitely consider Sandals for a place to stay in Grenada!

Sandals Grenada is only 5 minutes from the airport yet also situated on the popular Pink Gin Beach and has so many added amenities and restaurants on site. With Grenada being costly in some ways, this is a great option for those who like to indulge in a lot of food and bevy’s and get pampered while doing so!

La Sagesse Boutique Hotel- Best Budget Hotel in Grenada

If you are looking for a budget friendly hotel in Grenada, this is a great option! It’s rates are around $185 USD and up and it has over 4.5 stars with over 3,000 reviews. I love looking at reviews for hotels that may not be 5 star and when the reviews are steadily good- it helps with my decision making.

This hotel is not only cute from the exterior but it has a great, central location in town, an on site restaurant and even a small pool! Sounds like great value for your dollar!

Six Senses

New to the Grenada hotel list, is the very much anticipated Six Senses.

Six Senses is very selective about where they choose to set up shop so it says a lot that they decided on Grenada as their next opening.

Situated on the very desirable St. David’s coast, the Six Senses La Sagesse is going to be a destination in itself. With private plunge pools in many of the rooms and a wellness program like no other, this hotel is one that may have you staying put. If you are looking to be pampered and to splurge, this is the resort for you and unlike Silversands- this resort is isolated and remote from the main towns.

Grenada Travel Guide: The Best Restaurants in Grenada

Is there anything better than Caribbean food? I’ll wait….

Fresh seafood, spicy and flavourful dishes and food that is made with LOVE is what I think of when I think of Caribbean food and Grenada nails it with theirs.

The country offers a rich culinary experience and has blends of many influences in their menus ( think not only Caribbean but African and European!). Some popular delicacies are Roti, Oil Down ( which is a one-pot meal made with breadfruit, coconut milk, callaloo (a leafy green vegetable), and a meat), Cocoa Tea, Callaloo Soup, Seafood ( Conch, Lobster, Shrimp), Jerk Chicken and lots of fruit. They are actually one of the biggest producers of the fruit Soursop in particular which is a SUPER fruit known for many healing properties!

If you want to really get to know the foods and flavours of Grenada, you can check out this awesome food tour!

Here are some of the best Grenada restaurants that you need to visit:

The Aquarium Restaurant

The Aquarium Restaurant is not only the best restaurant I have visited in Grenada but it may be the one of the nicest restaurants I have visited in my life.

Located on Magazine beach ( which is the beach in Grenada that looks like Seychelles), it is a picture perfect spot with delicious food to match.

They have an open air dining room yet it still feels like a 5 star experience. We dined on steak, lobster, fresh vegetables and the one thing you absolutely cannot miss is their cheesy cauliflower. I wouldn’t normally order something like that but our friends we dined with said we couldn’t miss it so we took their advice and BOY OH BOY was it something special!!

They also have a Sunday brunch and while we didn’t have a chance to experience it- I imagine it being amazing. The setting there is truly one of a kind!!!

Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar:

Dodgy Dock restaurant is one of the most popular spots in town….and for us it was conveniently located in our hotel! Notorious for their many theme nights ( one of which is their street food night on Wednesdays), the place is perfect for a casual and fun night out.

We absolutely loved their fajita and tacos and couldn’t help but order them twice. Along with margaritas of course. They had live music one of the nights and it really made us know that we were no longer in Canada any more! True island vibes right here.

La Plywood

If you are looking for a rustic little beach restaurant, La Plywood on BBC Beach is everything you need! Filled with colourful outdoor seating, delicious ( and strong!) cocktails, and lots of fresh fish options- you will not be disappointed!

I truly love visiting smaller, local places like this because it gives you such a wonderful insight to the culture and local food. Service was a bit slow but in my eyes that means they are making it with love!

TIP: Head to BB Beach for a beach day ( definitely one of the best beaches on the island) and then have lunch here!

Saavy’s Beach Grill

Located in the Mount Cinnamon hotel, Saavy’s is the perfect blend of casual meets romantic. There are twinkle lights surrounding the dining area, tables right in the sand and you can hear the waves crashing right in front of you.

They have lots of fresh fish options or meat that is directly grilled right on the beach. It feels like an elevated beach BBQ experience and the casual atmosphere allowed the kids to run around in the sand right in front of us. The unique and fruity cocktails that they had were also something not to miss!

Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid is the restaurant within Annandale Falls and it does not disappoint! Can we take a second to admire these views……..and those drinks??

The drinks and view alone would have me coming back here again and again! It was the perfect spot to grab a bite after our waterfall visit and apparently the night time atmosphere is equally as enjoyable ( they put some spot lights over the falls so you can see them). While the service was a bit on island time, we didn’t mind at all!

Beach Bar at Calabash

Within a day of being in Grenada, locals kept mentioning “The Beach at Calabash”.

When the locals mention it, I know it must be good! The menu is very modern compared to some of the other restaurants on the island but still has a focus on Caribbean flair. The atmosphere is elegant and clean and you really can’t go wrong doing a nice lunch or dinner here! Their wine list is pretty extensive too which is an added bonus if you like your vino!

Best Bars in Grenada

  • Umbrellas Beach Bar: If you are in need of a good rum punch for a good price, Umbrella’s is your place. It’s family owned so the place oozes with charm!
  • Prickly Bay Tiki Bar: This is one of the more lively places out of this list with live performances, a full on stage for music and a bigger drink menu!
  • Esther’s Bar: This a place where you can find tourists and locals alike all together quenching their thirst! They are open from 10AM ( for those who feel happy hour is any hour) until 10PM! It’s located right in the heart of Grande Anse beach which makes it easy to visit
  • Coconut Beach: This beachside bar and restaurant is the perfect spot for sunset drinks and snacks. Do not miss their wing night where they have half priced wings! It brings in the crowd…and a good vibe!

The Best Things to do in Grenada

When you visit the Caribbean it’s very easy to just chill out, have a pina colada and soak up the sun. On the island of Grenada though I urge you to get up from your sun lounger and discover what the country has to offer!

The 5 Best Waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario

There is so much beauty and diversity outside of the beaches ( and don’t get me wrong those are worth discovering too!) but it’s the type of country that requires you to explore a bit to truly understand why it’s so special.

Visit Belmond Estate

Belmont Estate’s is a 17th century plantation farm that today acts as a fully functioning chocolate factory, organic farm and agriculture haven. Booking a tour here lets you onto their impressive grounds where you can uncover the secrets of cocoa making, harvesting crops and spices and seeing all their wild life that is lucky to call this place home.

While you can visit on your own, I recommend doing a tour!

Things to know about visiting Belmond Estate

  • This is definitely a kid friendly tour! In fact, if you do have kids I would recommend picking this as one of the stops you do! It was educational, interactive and the perfect amount of time for their little attention spans
  • I recommend doing a tour that includes lunch on their on site restaurant. All food is traditional Grenadian and is cooked on open air hot coals. Really cool to see and experience! The tables overlook the farm too and the breeze sets through as you eat since you are perched up a bit. Loved!
  • If you wish to purchase chocolate or tea, make sure to allocate some extra money there. We got Soursop tea which is linked to a ton of health benefits. Its hard to get in North America so keep that in mind!! When in Rome, right?
  • If you are staying in the Grand Anse area, the drive there is a solid hour. I recommend doing a tour here where transportation is included so you can enjoy the drive. It’s also pretty windy so if you are prone to car sickness I would take a gravol before
  • Ticket Price: US$20.00 or EC$54.00 per adult. Children under 12 half price. They are also closed on Saturdays

Visit Annandale Falls

Nestled in a lush tropical garden, this waterfall is easily accessible and offers a refreshing swim in its natural pool. It has a restaurant that over looks the falls, ample room for you to place your belongings around and a perfect shallow swimming area at the front of the area if you don’t want to get close to the falls itself!

We have seen so many waterfalls through our travels and Annandale Falls might be our favourite one yet!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Entry to the fall is about $4 USD and they take cash only!!! The kiosk where you buy the tickets also has lots of souvenirs, and some water. If you really want to eat though- you can’t miss the onsite restaurant!

Visit A Chocolate Farm- One of the most popular things to do in Grenada!

Life is sweet in Grenada and a good reason for that is because of it’s happening Cocoa production scene! Visiting a chocolate factory is basically a right of passage when you visit because of this!

I recommend booking a tour at the Tri-Island Chocolate Company. The owner Aaron has done such an amazing job at creating a custom and unique tour experience ( we even got to meet him!!).

We started our tour by strolling through their on site gardens where we got to see and learn about Soursop fruits, plantains and nutmeg plants. The tour is interactive and you get to feel and smell everything in the gardens and it’s a journey for the senses!!

The best part of the tour though is getting to actual make some chocolate! After your stroll through the gardens, you head into their tiny ( and ever so colourful) production house where you work with the local workers to create your own delectable treat!

We worked with them to create some customize chocolate bars and got to hear about the process while doing so. While I know this was definitely a highlight for the kids, we may or may not have enjoyed it just as much!

Do A Wellness Class

With a strong focus on eco friendly initiatives and sustainability, it’s no surprise that Grenada’s wellness scene is happening. If you love yoga, Sankalpa Yoga Studio at True Blue Bay Resort should be on your list.

If you stay at the hotel, you actually get complimentary classes but if you are staying somewhere else, don’t fret as they are only $10 per class ( in Canada we average about $25 and up so it seems like a steal to me!).

They have everything from vinyasa, flow classes and even some sound healing options too ( my fav). There are also a lot of yoga retreats that are done here yearly so I would keep my eyes peeled on the Tourism Boards website! In addition to that, you can see some great options below:

Go Sailing and see Grenada’s Coastline

It doesn’t take much to know that Grenada is a lush and very green little island but once you get on the water and see the coastline from a different angle- WOW! It really puts it into perspective how unique and pristine this island is. .

We couldn’t recommend booking a sailing trip with Savvy’s Sailing more! They have you cruising on a traditional and authentic hand built Petite Martinique Sloop and offer day time or sunset sails.

We opted for the day time sail where we get to visit the underwater sculpture park ( more on that below). I loved seeing the vibrant colours of St. George too ( which literally made me feel like I was in Portgual).

Our captains were amazing and were not only quick to share a lot of interesting Grenada facts with us but they were also really quick on filling our cups with Rum Punch. My kind of sailing trip!

IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE: Danny the owner offers private trips only ( minimum of 6 people required). There are full day options which run from 10AM-4PM and cost $100 USD roughly per person. The Half Day option will run you $70 USD per person and has you on the water for about 4 hours

Visit the Underwater Sculpture Park

Artist Jason De Caires created this underwater sculpture park where snorkler’s and diver’s can immerse themselves in an underground world of art. It was truly one of the most unique things I have ever done and though I don’t snorkel, I was able to see everything so clearly! Each year they seem to be building on it which is also really neat.

This tour HERE is one of the best options to book in my opinion!

Visit One Of the Neighbouring Islands in Grenada

Grenada Travel Guide

Interesting fact about Grenada is that the country is not just made up of the main island! It has two neigbouring little sisters that are not only inhabited but can be visited by tourists! Carriacou and Petite Martinique are both part of Grenada and make the country what it is. Both islands are accessible by plane and ferry and offer a quieter and more relaxed pace than the main island of Grenada.

The beaches in Carriacou are listed as some of the best in the Caribbean and some people even say it reminds them of Tahiti!

Looking to book your flight? I always book mine with Cheap O Air

What To Know Before Visiting Grenada

Grenada Travel Guide
  • While some of the plugs were the same as Canada, there were some that required a plug converter. I use this one HERE
  • Most of the restaurants accept credit cards but it is best to bring some Eastern Caribbean Dollars. It’s nice for tipping and for some local beach bars.
  • While certain things were cheaper on the island ( hello beer!), main entrees were around the same price as home or a little more depending where you ate.
  • Drivers sit on the right hand side of the car! I can’t tell you how many times I went to the wrong side haha
  • The best way to communicate with the locals, tour guides or taxi drivers is through Whatsapp. Make sure it’s downloaded on your phone ahead of your trip

I hope you enjoyed this Grenada travel guide and make your way to this stunning island! I can’t wait to return and spend more time there!!


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