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Last updated on October 17th, 2015


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I love pieces of clothing with history and this wrap is definitely just that! My boyfriend’s grandma purchased it in Hawaii when she was there back in the day and passed it along to his mom ( both have effortless style). When she had it out one day- I couldn’t stop staring at it. Not sure if she noticed my corner lip drooling over it or my eyes in a bit of a daze but she generously let me borrow it for my Mexico trip.  It feels like an item that is just not made anymore these days- the material isn’t cheap and the pattern is unique ( it reminds me of Pucci, no?). The fact that it’s from Hawaii- a special place for me and prolly a lot of people- makes me too feel quite special putting it on.

Maybe I should just go to Hawaii and search for it? Seems like a good enough excuse!

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