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Last updated on October 19th, 2015

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Being the only daughter, my mom and I have a special bond ( sorry bro’s don’t hate!). I feel very fortunate to not only have her has a mom but also a friend. When she asked if I wanted to do a mother/daughter trip for a week to Florida- I didn’t even let her finish the full question before opening up my internet browser and searching up some flights.

My mom is a hard worker- at the office but also at home- so I always like to see her unwind and relax and if there is one place that does that for her- it’s the easy, breezy safe confines of Florida. I too relax there which is sometimes hard for me as I always like to explore places and be on the go!

We spent the week working out, lightly shopping, having our own happy hour on the patio, reading on the beach, cooking some dinners and also going out for some dinners and catching up on bad reality television that I do not need to get into detail on. The weather was gorgeous and perfect in all the right ways as well. I got to prance around on the beach in my new comfy Gap dress ( the coral one) that will be a new summer staple forsure. The only thing not gorgeous and amazing was getting charged $22 for a drink by accident after I ordered one of the “specials”….twice. Lesson Learned? Always ask for the price of specials.

Until next time Florida

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