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I recently just got back from a mini getaway to Ojai, California – a place I have never visited before! It is about an hour and a half north from LA and slightly inland and like many of the places that surround LA- feels like you are a world away.

We stayed at a very cute boutique hotel called The Hummingbird Inn where we had a great time unwinding. Ojai is known for it’s hiking so we decided to venture out and explore a bit. We had such a fun time hiking out to this private water damn that was nestle between the mountains ( you aren’t supposed to trespass into this area and can get fined if caught- oops) and I was amazed at how silent the area was. It makes sense that so many yoga retreats are hosted in this tiny town.

Later on when we were driving back to our hotel, we stumbled upon natural swimming creeks. I couldn’t believe these things existed just off the side of the road. We laid on the large flat rocks and dipped into the mini green water holes and jesus…can my work days include a break like this? My boyfriend randomly carries a portable hammock in his car and upon seeing all the trees that surrounded us…we didn’t think twice about setting it up. Took it up about 10 notches from there

Can’t wait to see you again Ojai <3

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