6 of the best Travel Aps

Last updated on December 4, 2015
Thanks to technology- travelling has become a lot easier…thats if you are prepared! Everything is accessible at our fingertips these days and if you are constantly travelling- it makes sense to have these downloadable aps to make any sort of trip smooth!
Here is my favourite aps that I use on any sort of trip I go on!
Remember the days we printed off directions on paper and trusted they were correct? Yeah…I dont miss those days.   Download the proper Google Map app- not just the one you have on your Iphone and you are in the clear to get just about anywhere!

2. iStone


Although I seem to think that everyone in every country speaks a little bit of English and that everyone can understand when I use my hands to draw out things- I cannot rely on this naive way of “Marisa” thinking. Nothing is more frustrating and difficult than a language barrier. iStone helps to translate what you are asking in ANY language! Where’s the washroom? What side does this meal come with?

3. XE Currency


An App that makes shopping in foreign cities easier? Yes please. This app works offline and is free, making it an absolute necessity for international travellers.

4. Kayak


Kayak is THE way to compare flights in the 21st Century. If you’re looking to find the cheapest option for your journey and compare routes, this is the way to do so. They also compare hotels and car rentals…. set!

5. Jetlag Rooster


Personally I go on the ‘mind over matter’ principle and push through jetlag no matter how bad it is, but if you suffer from jetlag in the slightest, this app will change that for you. It helps set your hours before you even leave for you trip


6. AirBnb

Airbnb (1)

If you need a last minute place wherever you are- you can definitely find a place to crash through here!

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