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February 3, 2014

















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London was the best and worst place to come directly after India. I experienced a bit of reverse culture shock upon landing and London- being extraordinary clean and proper, made me quickly realize I was on my way home and my vacation was soon ending. It was also great because I got to eat kale and got to wash the remaining dirt off of me that I had on me from Goa. On the opposite side of things, it was the worst place to come to post India because I went from paying $4 a meal (drink included) to $8 for a bloody coffee. Just….no. At one local convenience store, without noticing, my Indian behavior flushed over me and I started bartering with the cashier.  “2 pounds instead?” I pleaded.  He just stared at me and eventually  looked at me like I was insane and I guess with the jetlag and all that..I was a little. 

I spent my few days there refreshing myself with London. I had been there before but it had been years so it was nice to reunite myself with this fancy, clean and hip city. My travel buddy from India and overall good friend- Joanna– flew to London a few days earlier for work and I spent a good few days with her dwelling over our trip while also taking in some sights like Notting Hill, pub eating and shopping in Oxford Circle. I also got to see my friend Thuy and being a designer, her apartment was stacked with all of her beautiful designs. Luckily, I did not pack properly for London and got to wear some of her jackets.

It was great to see London but after a long trip, there is no place like home.

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