October 6, 2021
Toddler Travel

Travelling with young kids is not vacationing- it is travelling to a different location! Facts.

Though I still LOVE travelling with our daughter and feel it is still very much worth it, I have to acknowledge that it can be exhausting, grueling and it can certainly test your patience at times! 

To make things a little easier ( and to save your sanity mid flight or car ride)- I have come up with a list of toys or items that help make the journey a bit smoother. You’ll be kissing the ground when you arrive even if the flight/journey was relatively smooth and hopefully with the help of these items- you can at least breathe a bit!

Take a look at this incredible list and prepare to be mind blown by these toddler airplane activities.

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Window Clings: Great for plane travel, these will also provide fun entertainment on long road trips, hotel windows and windows while waiting at the airport! They easily come off so you can play with them over and over!

Mess Free Coloring Book: The ultimate coloring activitiy that comes with ZERO stress. The marker is clear and the paper changes colour as they go aka NO mess at all! This was great for the hotel room too


Travel Tray: Sick of turning around from the front seat to get your toddler an item? This alleviates this!! Your littles can have everything all laid out infront of them and also gives them the ability to draw for longer car rides

Bento Boxes for Snacks: If there is one thing that will help your kid stay calm and stop them from whining, it is having 82349823 snacks on hand!!! I prepared our bento box with some key items before the flight, before the longer drives and even sometimes before we headed to a restaurant where we wanted to enjoy ourselves. My favourite travel snack is dried mangos as they take really long to eat!! We also love Welo Snacks as they have less sugar than most granola bars!! USE CODE: THEDAYDREAMDIARIES15 for 15% off!


Toddler Travel Hacks

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