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Miami: Bachelorette Edition

Last updated on October 19th, 2015





My girlfriends and I just got back from an epic bachelorette trip in Miami! Since there was 11 of us in total…we rented a house over staying in a hotel ( go AIRBNB!) and it was so much nicer being able to stay under one roof instead of sprawling out into several different overpriced Miami rooms. The morning recaps of our nights were so much more enjoyable when we all packed ourselves into one of the beds/rooms and being able to all share a coffee while we were cozy in our pjs is the way to do it!

All of the bridesmaids put a lot of effort into creating special touches throughout the weekend and since the bride hates pink, feathers and penis straws…we spiced things up in different ways. We set up a self made photobooth for the weekend ( tassel purchased from Oriental Trading), got a personalized hashtag sign from Etsy and created a mixture of props to have fun with. Our brides name was Dee so the hashtag for the entire weekend and for anything we could add it to was “DEESTROYED”. And we had no problem living up to that hashtag. ha.

The maid of honour and I created welcome bags that included a thong, a funny straw ( gotta have some pink in there somewhere and who doesn’t love flamingos), lip chap, sunglasses, a snack and a few other fun items…all set to a black and white theme. We created custom beach balls that read “Dee’s Bachelorette” and also made custom towels…each with a funny alcohol related slogan like “Ha Kuna Ma Vodka or “Alcohol: Because no great story ever started with a Salad”.

A day in Hong Kong






We wasted no time in using the photobooth and placed all the copies into a black scrapbook for the bride to keep as a memory of the trip. We of course snuck in a few photos for each of ourselves as keepsakes as well. After a few martinis…the polaroid’s were flowing like water!

We spent the first night hitting South Beach and did an amazing group dinner at Katsuya ( Rock Lobster for the win!) and sipped on cocktails in the hot, hot heat. After dealing with a ridiculously depressing summer weather wise, we were more than ok with the humidity and our hair slowly morphing into Monica from friends when she was on vacation. No really though!


miamimiamimiami IMG_5768 IMG_9797

IMG_0006 IMG_5747

My favourite part of the trip by far was the day we spent on the boat. Anyone that knows me..knows I am a water baby and I have always said that if I win the lottery the first thing I would do is fly all my loved ones to somewhere epic and party on a yacht and sail to some crazy beautiful islands. Safe to say I think about this once a week. When the bride told us that she would be treating us all to a day on a beautiful boat..I was elated! We all stuck to a nautical theme (except for one girl who thought nautical theme meant boho pirate…oh steph we love you haha) and lounged all day on the open sea. Several dance parties were had to old school rap music and backstreet boys and when we started feeling adventurous…we jumped off the sides, did some paddle boarding and played on the inflatable party lounge float. It was a perfect day start to finish. My only concern of the whole day was that I left wondering if my wedding day would fall short in comparison to this day.

British Columbia Photo Diary

We had someone come in to the house and cook for us later this night and we sat around a beautiful wooden table, sipping wine, eating fresh paella and then after a lot more wine….played truth or dare and braided eachothers hair. The biggest girls night of all time.

All in all it was an amazing girls trip filled with so many laughs and memories to last a life time. Who is getting married next? SOMEBODY PLEASE!












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